Amazing Ubud River

Rafting plans in Bali will be accompanied by a high curiosity about the amazing Ubud River called Ayung. This river has always been the target of tourists because it presents many advantages that rivers in other areas do not have. In this article, let’s discuss all the interesting things about the Ayung river, so you can optimize your vacation moments when visiting this special tourist location.

As we know, the Island of the Gods is not only famous for its beautiful beaches. Here there is also the Ayung river whose popularity is worldwide. Many local and foreign tourists specifically come to Bali to go to the Ayung river in Ubud. The river currents are at a mid-level, making this river relatively safe, but still fun to use for rafting. But what often steals the attention is the view along the river, as well as the refreshing air.

To start planning a trip to the Ayung River, let’s find out some facts about this amazing Ubud river.

How to Reach Ayung River

Of course, you have to know where it is first. This beautiful river is the longest in Bali, because it crosses many districts such as Bangli, Badung, and Gianyar, to the city of Denpasar. But of course, there is a special route to start rafting safely, namely from Sayan Village – Payangan Ubud. From the airport, you have to travel about 75 minutes to reach the tourist sites of the Ayung river.

Some Reasons That Make Ayung an Amazing Ubud River

Many reasons make the Ayung River so popular for rafting and other types of tourism. Here are some reasons:

  • The stunning natural panorama, as well as the fresh air, is very effective for stress relief and relaxation.
  • The river’s water currents are at a mid-level, making rafting on this river quite an adrenaline, but still safe with the presence of an instructor.
  • Around this amazing Ubud river, there is a rafting equipment rental service that is fronted by many environmental activists. There are many choices of tour guide services so you don’t have to be afraid to queue up to rent international standard rafting equipment.
  • Adventures along the river offer stunning panoramas, and artistic rock carvings to waterfalls.
  • Close to other Ubud attractions so you can take certain tour packages for travel guides to other interesting tourist locations.

What Facilities are Available at Sungai Ayung?

River managers consist of activists and entrepreneurs who are ready to provide the most complete and international standard rafting equipment. This means that you don’t have to bother with carrying boats, oars, buoys, or helmets, especially for rafting, ropes, and other tools. Here you can rent it easily and even have the opportunity to get a special discount.

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Experienced tour guides and instructors also support the safety of tourists. If you can choose the right tour guide service, you can even get a pick-up service, welcome drink, rafting instructor, changing room plus WiFi, to lunch service. Some service companies on this amazing Ubud river even provide special service packages so you can visit other interesting tourist attractions around Ubud.

Is Rafting on the Ayung River Safe?

The landscape on the Ayung river is quite stable, with challenging river currents and rocks, but still manageable for rafting. Most importantly, the presence of experienced instructors makes your adventure in the Ayung river safe. The existence of rafting equipment such as buoys, helmets, and others of course supports the safety of rafting on the Ayung river.

Even so, that does not mean you and your team will be guaranteed not to fall into the river, or the boat capsizes. Precisely these things can be unavoidable, and this becomes part of the fun while walking along the Ayung river. Instructions from the instructor and a fit body condition will keep the rafting atmosphere fun, challenging, and safe. It’s so safe, children over seven years old can even go down to the river and be part of the rafting team.

How to Choose the Best Tour Guide Services?

The key to staying safe and fun when rafting on the amazing Ubud River is choosing the right tour guide. Do research and comparison of services to ascertain the following characteristics:

Providing Service Packages and Discounts

Tour guide service companies provide special discounts, so the cost of rafting is much cheaper, you even have the opportunity to pay half the price. on the other hand, the credibility of the service is proven to be good when paying attention to testimonials from previous customers.

Pick Up Service Available

Ayung river tour guide services are ready to provide pick-up services from certain location points. Of course, there is an additional fee that you have to pay. But this is better than having to be confused about finding a rafting location.

A Clear and Detailed Agenda of Activities

The selection of the rafting package is accompanied by the determination of a clear and detailed schedule of activities. This schedule makes it easier for you and your team to prepare time, for example when to go down to the river, when to change clothes, or get lunch.

International Standard Rafting Equipment Rental is available

Tour guide service companies should be ready to rent out the most complete and international standard rafting equipment. If you have made a reservation in advance, you don’t need to queue or wait long, because these tools have been prepared according to the schedule of activities for you and your team.

Recommended Ayung Rafting

Skilled and Professional Instructors

The availability of skilled instructors is one of the main keys to safety in rafting activities on the amazing Ubud river. Usually, the instructor will first confirm the condition of your body, then invite you to warm up for a few minutes to prevent muscle cramps. The instructor will then give a special signal so that you and your team can control the boat in the middle of a fast river current and steep rocks.

If you are looking for a service company that provides complete services as mentioned above, don’t hesitate to choose River Rafting Bali. We are even ready to provide the cheapest package prices, without neglecting the quality of service for all tourists who come to the amazing Ubud river.

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