Here are the Important Things about Bali Ayung Rafting

Are you ready for an exciting and unforgettable new adventure at Bali Ayung Rafting? Of course, this offer is especially for those of you who like rafting, and know how to appreciate the river and the outdoors wisely. But of course, there are always new opportunities that are safe and exciting for those who are interested and are just trying rafting for the first time.

On any river, rafting always offers an exciting adventure, complete with stunning natural treats. If you visit Bali, you should schedule a visit to the Ayung River. Here you can rafting, explore nature, and enjoy the various facilities available. Even so, your visit for rafting on the Ayung River should be accompanied by the following important insights.

Privileges of Bali Ayung River for Rafting

Bali Ayung Rafting is quite special for several reasons. Among many beautiful rivers around the world, the Ayung River has an exclusive beauty that you will not find anywhere else. This isn’t an exaggeration. If you're still curious, here are many features of the Ayung River Ubud that other rivers don’t have:

Environmentally Based Area Management

Navigating the Ayung river will make you get a plus-plus tourist experience. Natural treats around the river are preserved naturally but are still friendly to tourists because their management is handled by rafting activists who are committed to protecting the environment.

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No wonder so many foreign tourists set a destination here. Because, they can be pampered with many friendly, complete, and affordable services.
Availability of Super Complete and International Standard Rafting


The area manager is not half-hearted when it comes to inviting domestic and foreign tourists. Here, you can easily get international lean rafting equipment rental facilities. You can also get adequate toilet and changing room facilities. Don't miss the variety of cuisine available so you don’t have to go hungry in this place.

Strategic Location

The location of the Ayung River is quite strategic because it is near many other Ubud tourist attractions. In addition to rafting, you can also easily find lodging, and enjoy many works of art and cultural products of the local community.

Child-Friendly Rafting

The current of the Ayung River is in the middle, so the conditions are quite safe, even for children over the age of 7 years. So, this fun activity on the river is relatively child-friendly, while still following the procedures and strict guarding against the guides.

Exclusive Beauty Along the River

While rafting, congratulations on appreciating the various kinds of natural beauty on the left and right sides of the river. You can find artistically carved stone walls, as well as refreshing waterfalls.

What’s Available at Bali Ayung Rafting?

Slick management by rafting activists makes tourists spoiled with services and complete facilities. Both beginners and those who are already proficient in rafting will still get the services of a professional rafting guide.

On the other hand, you can still carry out activities that require privacy comfortably with the presence of an adequate dressing room, shower and toilet. Of course, Bali Ayung Rafting provides other services as follows:

Here are the Important Things about Bali Ayung Rafting

Personal Service

By taking certain service packages, you do not need to bring a lot of supplies from home. Here you can get towels, water-repellent gas while walking along the river, lunch, and insurance.

Pick Up Service

After choosing the right service company, you can request a pick-up service for a certain area. For example, pick up from the area of ​​Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Legian, and Nusa Dua. Tanjung Benoa or other areas. Pick-up area for delivery packages. Of course, there will be an additional charge for pick up. But surely this will make your trip faster and more practical.

Clear Schedule of Activities

You don’t have to wait indefinitely, or queue for hours. When you have made an order, the committee will immediately set a schedule for your activities, including when to start rafting, lunch, or visiting other tourist attractions.

Tips for Choosing a Bali Ayung Rafting Service Package

Bali Ayung Rafting is very popular. Not surprisingly, this place is not only a target for tourists but also business people who are competing to provide the best service. Among the many companies that offer rental and guide services, you should be selective in choosing the best. Here are some tips that you can use to get the best service at the most economical price:

Choose Rental Package Service and Guide

This kind of service will allow you to get a complete package, from pick-up to the Ayung River, rental of rafting equipment, lunch service, and others. Even so, you still have to be observant to see the details of the services in the package and compare the prices. For certain packages, you can also request the availability of a private boat.

This means that the boat that you will rent will only be boarded by you and your group, without other foreign participants. Also, make sure all the rafting equipment is of international standard so that your and your team’s safety is guaranteed.

Pay Attention to the Style of Service

You can pay attention to this from the start when you contact certain service companies through the contacts listed on the website or other promotional advertisements. A friendly attitude and mastery of foreign languages ​​should be the main considerations so that you can feel comfortable when traveling on Bali Ayung Rafting with them. Of course, a friendly and professional attitude must also be shown by the instructor and all staff.

Ensure Insurance Services are Available

Although wading through Bali Ayung Rafting is relatively safe, you should choose a service company that is ready to provide insurance services. Security and vigilance must always be ensured. But no one ever knows when the day of the matter will come. When there is an accident or other undesirable thing, insurance can at least reduce the cost of assistance and other rescue actions.

Recommended Services for the Best Bali Ayung Rafting

If you expect excellent service and all the ideals that we mentioned above, please cooperate with River Rafting Bali. Your service company is experienced enough and has a brilliant track record. Positive testimonials from previous tourists also reinforce our position as a company that consistently supports the best, safest, and most comprehensive rafting service.

The good news is, that you can even get a service package for Bali Ayung Rafting at the most affordable price. Please contact us further for complete information about our services.

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