Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure - Best white water rafting Bali

Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure, Are you looking for adventure activities for your vacation in Bali?. Then you should be try Bali white water rafting with best grade lavel on Ayung River and Telaga waja River with one of the best adventure activity companies in Bali.

Maybe you know, some people are afraid of rafting, because they hear bad stories about rafting adventures. This can understand why most people are afraid of rafting adventures.

Most people don’t know about rapids on river rafting. There are standard rafting safety procedures that need to be applied. In addition, not all rivers are suitable for white water rafting. Each river rafting has a different classification of rapids.

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Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure – Best white water rafting Bali

According to the level of classification offered for white water rafting in Bali, therefore, Ayung River and Telagawaja River are the main choices as the best river for rafting.

Ayung River Ubud

Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure - Best white water rafting BaliAyung River Ubud, Has the International Rapids classification with class II-III. Level II-III classification is fast, very suitable for beginners even for children.

By taking a rafting adventure on the Ayung River in Ubud, you will be able to see Bali’s nature and Ayung Ubud river with well carved stone walls. Offers a flat river with fast water flow in most river areas. So this makes rafting on the Ayung river very suitable for your children and beginners. So if you don’t want to row well, the river guide will do it for you.

With a river length of about 12 kilometers and passing through 33 types of class II and III river rapids. past the water droplets and spectacular views of the waterfall. Water droplets from a waterfall will ensure your Bali rafting trip in a fun and fantastic adventure experience.

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Telagawaja River Karangasem

Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure - Best white water rafting BaliTelaga Waja River Bali, classified with the international III-IV Rapids class. Therefore, rafting on the Telagawaja river is perfect for children aged seven years and over.

Telaga Waja River offers a mix of difficulties with rapids from class II to level IV. This will create some unique challenges in certain parts of the river. Therefore, you can enjoy your raft on the river rapids while enjoying the beauty of the scenery. In addition, you must follow the instructions given by your rafting guide, and everything will run smoothly.

The length of Telaga Waja River Bali rafting for rafting is 16 kilometers. Therefore, it will need 2.5 hours of rafting, starting from the point of rafting, the finish point. So if you are looking for fresh air, clean water, and natural environment, then you have to do Telaga Waja rafting.

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Bali Jungle White Water Rafting Adventure, Safety & Service

Meanwhile, each participant is required to use a safety jacket, helmet and obey the direction of your rafting guide. And also every boat or raft, participants are accompanied by a professional rafting guide. Rafting guides are experienced and know every detail of the characteristics of River Rafting Bali.

After about 2 to 2.5 hours on the Ayung river rafting trip, you reach the finish point. At the finish point, you can enjoy lunch buffet while resting, and you can have it as much as you want.

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