Bali River Rafting | Ayung and Telaga Waja River Rafting Adventure

Bali River Rafting offers the white water rafting adventure at the best and most popular river in Bali. Such as : Telaga Waja rafting and Ayung Rafting Ubud. Out of the countless number of rafting provider throughout Bali. We have hand-picked only few exceptional river rafting in Ayung River Rafting and Telaga Waja River Rafting. To make sure you get the best and cheap Rafting Tour in Bali

Bali River rafting provide daily white water rafting activity. Get special price from us for more than 50% discounts for local and foreign visitors. The River Rafting Bali is the most popular adventurous option on the island of Bali. Offers an extraordinary experience by defeating the water rafting challenges of different classes . And also admiring the natural beauty before reaching the starting point and seeing the spectacular view of the river.

Find hidden waterfalls, swim in pure water and feel the sensation of the river paradise. With a experienced rafting guide in rafting tours will offer excellent service to make you more fun and also know the right place where you can enjoy the most challenging water rapids. Also the rafting guide can be your assistant if you want to take pictures with your own camera. Memorize this rafting activity by using video and picture services.

Bali River Rafting, Highlights

1Rafting Adventure include Buffet Lunch and private hotel transfer
2Go on Bali’s top adventure – see the lush rain forest, waterfalls, and breathtaking
3The best guides with professional trained and friendly
4Best safety line equipment Suitable for couple, group travelers and people of all ages – from 7 to 65 years
5Personal insurance coverage

Best River Rafting in Bali

Best River for white water rafting in Bali, Please select according your interest

Bali River Rafting | Ayung and Telaga Waja River Rafting Adventure

Ayung River Rafting Ubud

start $35/person

Include Private Hotel Transfers

Ayung River Rafting Ubud Bali is a safe water activity in Ayung River located north of Ubud, This is the best rafting for beginners and professional.
Bali River Rafting | Ayung and Telaga Waja River Rafting Adventure

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

start $38/person

Include Private Hotel Transfer

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali is one of the longest river rafting on east Bali located in karangasem regency, the start point to runs southward Bali.

Why Choose Us..?

The Reasons before you choose Us, What different ?

We are provide the most competitive rate and Best qualified Rafting equipment, Cheaper Price Guarantee.
We provide hotel transfer with Private Car/ Van, Feel more convenience during your transfer with Our private transfer, No other person join in our car/van
We provide Best Seller Package, After White Water Rafting Done, if you want combine with our Best Seller Package also can be arranged.
Easy Booking, Send us require through email or WhatsApp, No Deposit… Booking NOW and Paid Later
June 13, 2019
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