Bali White Water Rafting Telaga Waja River – Bali is famous for its maritime activity. Beaches on this island are all beautiful. However, Bali also has other interesting and fun activities you need to try. One of them is white water rafting. In fact, the water rafting in Bali is really popular these days. The combination of extreme sport and beautiful green scenery always successfully makes you want to come more and more. Among many white water rafting spots, the Bali white water rafting telaga waja river is the most popular one.

Bali white water rafting telaga waja river

Where is Telaga Waja River?

Telaga Waja River is located in Karangasem regency. You can find this location by using Google Map. If you stay in Kuta, you can reach this place by car and it will take around 1.5 hours. Of course, if you use the tour company service, you don’t need to drive to this river by yourself. Everything will be handled by the company. So, you just need to enjoy and prepare yourself for the fun.

What You Should Know about Bali White Water Rafting in Telaga Waja River

Before you go to have fun with your Bali rafting at telaga waja river tour, you must know several important things about this river as well as the rafting activity here. Why? This information will help you to prepare yourself, physically and mentally. Moreover, you will also know what kind of fun you will find here.

  • The length

The first thing you must know is the length of the Bali white water rafting telaga waja river. You won’t ride raft for the whole Telaga Waja River. However, there is only a small part of this river that will become the route for your adventure. And, you don’t need to worry. Although we said it’s only a small part, you get 16-kilometers of adventure ready to conquer. The standard time to finish the route is around 2.5 hours. That’s quite long and satisfying from our point of view.

  • Difficulty level

The Bali white water rafting telaga waja river consists of several difficulty levels. Basically, the Telaga Waja River water rafting can be classified into rapid class difficulty. It means the difficulty level is starting from II to IV. Here are the explanations about each level:

  • Level II difficulty – it doesn’t need too much maneuver to pass the route with this difficulty. If you fall from the raft, most likely, you won’t get any injury.

  • Level III difficulty – it needs good control and maneuver because there are some extreme rapids along the route with this difficulty. You need to be a good swimmer if you want to save yourself after you fall into a river with this difficulty. Otherwise, you need help from the rescue team.

  • Level IV difficulty – the extreme one that also needs fast maneuver and control. And expert and rescue team will be the only one that able to save you from this area.

It seems that Bali rafting at telaga waja river is really difficult. But, it’s actually fun. You can even take your whole family and kids to try this adventure.

The Tour Company

Now, after you know what Bali white water rafting telaga waja river looks like, the next you need to do is choosing the tour company that can help you. For that reason, you can try They have complete service and packages you can choose.

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