Best Places in Bali to Stay and How to Get It

Best Places in Bali to Stay and How to Get It? The Island of the Gods is one of the best choices for a vacation, for example for rafting on the Ayung River or other vacation plans. Here, there are not only various tourist attractions, but you also don’t have to worry about lodging. The best places in Bali to stay are available in almost all locations, with varied price offers and facilities.

But you are of course not the only tourist who will stay in various places in Bali. Many domestic and foreign tourists also want to get holiday comfort by choosing the right lodging. Therefore, you should not come and choose to lodge suddenly.

Why are Lodging Reservations in Bali So Important?

You can still get lodging when you come on vacation to Bali suddenly. But that will reduce the chances of getting the best accommodation, as well as the one that best suits your needs and comfort. You don’t even have enough time to choose the best and cheapest price with the right quality.

On the other hand, making accommodation reservations before arriving at tourist attractions will open up great opportunities to get the best places in Bali to stay. You can even take a tour package to go to many interesting tourist attractions or go rafting on the Ayung River, at a more economical price. Of course, this is very interesting and more profitable, right?

After all, anything planned is always better, especially if you come from far away, and don’t have relatives or friends to ask for help in Bali. Supplies and preparation to go on a tour to Bali will make a pleasant trip with minimal obstacles.

Features of Best Places in Bali to Stay

Here are some characteristics of a good and most recommended place to stay in Bali:

  • The location of the inn is relatively strategic. This means that you don’t have to struggle to get to tourist destinations, or access transportation and special foods. On the other hand, lodging can also provide a comfortable place to rest, store goods, and other accommodation services.
  • Best places in Bali to stay should have complete facilities and international standards. The place you choose should be able to support comfort and a good mood so that your vacation moments are comfortable and memorable. Most importantly, the place is in a safe area and away from crime.
  • Accommodations are also ideally integrated with other holiday services. For example, you don’t just pay for lodging because it is included in a series of vacation packages. When you can get comfortable lodging, you can also get delivery and consumption services to go to certain tourist attractions.
  • The “Best” impression of an inn will be very relative to each traveler. It can’t be seen from how expensive it is, or how complete the facilities are. Precisely when you want a camping-style vacation, the best place in your opinion is a camping area that can allow you to set up your tent comfortably, right?

Therefore, when choosing the best places in Bali to Stay, you should prioritize the plans that you have designed. Later, the service you choose will adjust to the style of the holiday, to the available budget.

Where are the Most Recommended Locations to Stay?

It is not difficult to determine where to stay in Bali by booking in advance. There are many sites and advertisements from Bali tour guide services that you can easily access via the internet. Be selective about choosing a credible and professional service company, and compare several recommended ones to be able to choose the best one.

Regardless of which service company you choose, there are several locations in Bali that provide the best accommodation. Here’s a breakdown for you:


The location of Ubud is very strategic because it is in the middle of Bali, so it is very appropriate when you choose to stay here to enjoy many tourist attractions and several locations of cultural and artistic centers. Some of the most interesting locations to visit are Ubud palace, Sacred Monkey Forest, Ayung River for rafting, and others. After being satisfied with your adventure, you can return to the best places in Bali to stay around Ubud.

Kuta and Legian

If you are going to Bali looking for fun in the crowd, the Kuta location is highly recommended. Here there are many nightclubs, beaches, restaurants, and very good shopping. After that, you can return to the inn around Kuta to unwind.


The next area that deserves to be called the best place in Bali to stay in Seminyak. Here there are many choices of beaches, water rides, restaurants to typical shopping places. Many bars and entertainment venues can also be easily accessed, including places to stay with various facilities.

In addition to the three locations above, you can customize your place to stay with vacation plans in certain areas. Other interesting locations to explore include Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Bedugul and Tulamben.

How to Get the Best Place to Stay After Rafting on the Ayung River?

Tired of the same old vacation trips to Bali? You might be able to start a new adventure on the Ayung river for an adrenaline-pumping sport of rafting. This one sport is even effective in dealing with stress and makes the body healthier and more vibrant.

When you come for rafting, of course, you and your team also have to think about where is a good place to stay. Rafting may take up to a day. In the afternoon and evening, you should be ready to head back to the inn for dinner and rest.

No need to be confused, because the Ayung river is located around Ubud. That is, in this area, there are many lodging places, as well as other tourist attractions that are close to each other. But the main key to getting the best lodging is choosing a tour guide service company that is ready to provide the best service.

River Rafting Bali provides service packages for fun and memorable rafting, as well as safe. You don’t even have to bother looking for lodging, because the package you choose is included with the availability of the best places in Bali to stay. Please check the available services, to see more details of our services. The good news is that you can even get the cheapest package deals, and big discounts are available!

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