Best Rafting Operator in Bali

Best Rafting Operator in Bali for Rafting Activities. Rafting is not just an adrenaline-pumping and challenging sport. This rafting activity brings health benefits, due to the adrenaline hormone and the happy feeling hormone released by the body. Rafting can also be an alternative to traveling.

In addition to refreshing the mind, rafting can provide a different experience. If you visit Bali and are bored with beach tourism or culinary, then try to do rafting. But you can find the right information including rafting operator in Bali.

Choose Your Rafting Operator in Bali

Rafting, also known as Bali white water rafting, is the activity of rafting on a rafting river using certain tools. Not only for sports but is this adrenaline-pumping activity also intended for recreation and expeditions? Bali has natural wealth in the form of clear rivers and fast currents which are suitable for this activity in addition to the stretch of beach sand in several popular locations.

Wherever you do rafting, there will be service providers ready to help you. Very difficult if you have to bring your inflatable boat and oars or other equipment. Imagine if you come from a different island from the rafting location, it will be very difficult. The existence of this operator is certainly very helpful for tourists who want to try this sport as well as recreation.

Especially if you are a beginner, you need assistance and instructions so you can enjoy the sensation and be safe until the end of the trip. Rafting operators in Bali are also very diverse. This makes visitors will feel confused about which one to choose. New tourists must be very unfamiliar with what criteria should be the basis for choosing a rafting operator.

The rafting operator in Bali you choose at least meets the criteria in providing services and ensuring safety during rafting. Also, pay attention to the facilities obtained such as the tools used and accommodation such as mineral water or food.

That way, the money you pay will be commensurate with the facilities and properties you get. So, before deciding to choose an operator, first identify the features and services provided as well as feedback and reviews from previous participants.

Of course, it will make you regret it if what you pay is not as expected. Considering maybe you also spend hours to get to the location. Luckily finding details about the operator can be easier by visiting their website or social media. So, the criteria that must be met are:

  1. Service during rafting. This is an important point. Comfortable, helpful, and friendly service is the priority.
  2. Level of security and safety. Please recheck how they provide security and safety for all the participants. It would be worse if your recreational activity will end with an incident.
  3. Lent properties. This includes how they provide the properties such as helm, life jacket, the boat, paddles, dry bag, throw bag, and other relevant properties. They should be in good condition.
  4. Operator rating. Yes, it is important, too. With many experiences and reviews, it could help us decide our choices.
  5. Affordable price but very competitive. In principle, low prices do not necessarily have bad service as well as operators who charge high prices for their services.

At each location, several operators offer their services. The price of each location will be different because the length of the track is also different for each rafting location in Bali. There are at least 3 popular locations, namely

  1. Ayung River Rafting, which has a track length of about 10 to 12 km,
  2. Telaga Waja River Rafting with a track length of 14 to 17 km, and
  3. Melangit River rafting which is only 8 km long.

While the price of each service varies from 60 to 90 USD depending on the facilities and track length.

Booking the Service Easily

If you can come to the rafting location, then you can order the service directly by choosing the type of service and the time. Only this will be difficult if you are far from the location. Alternatively, you can order via the internet easily. Just visit the rafting operator’s website in Bali, and find what you need.

Make sure beforehand you have, to find out the advantages of each operator so that you don’t have to worry about making choices. Adjust to which location is your destination. So your search will be more specific and save time.

Usually, the website will display the booking steps including the variation of prices and facilities and the method of payment. All you can do online from wherever you are. You can even book ahead of time to make sure there is a slot on your planned date.

What’s more interesting is that through online bookings you can compare prices from each rafting operator in Bali so you can get affordable prices. Of course, this is an advantage for tourists because it will save more on the budget and avoid running out of slots, especially if you are traveling at the peak of the holiday.

This will confuse you.

So, we recommend visiting our website at There is complete information and how to order services without queuing and easy. Even though the booking price is lower than the price at tourist sites, you don’t have to worry because the service you get will remain the same. We guarantee the property, service, security, and safety during the trip will remain good. So, don’t hesitate to place your order online on our site.

You just have to be careful choosing the operator so as not to lose. You can check how our operator travels and has accompanied many participants from various regions and institutions. Prepare yourself to explore the clear river typical of the island of Bali. Even if you are a beginner, the guide will always be ready to help you.

Before starting, it’s a good idea to be in a fit condition, wear the most comfortable clothes, wear the property properly, warm up, and always follow the instructions of the instructor. Let’s order now a rafting service from a rafting operator in Bali.

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