Best River Rafting in Ubud for Travelers on a Budget

Best River Rafting in Ubud for Travelers on a Budget. A vacation to Bali is the right choice for all of you who want to spend time with family, friends, or coworkers. There are so many tourist destinations that can be explored, such as those located in the Ubud, Bali area. This area is very close to arts and culture, as well as the natural beauty of the countryside. This is what then becomes an attraction for foreign and local tourists to visit.

As a fairly popular place in Bali, you will get cheap lodging and accommodation easily with affordable prices such as motorbike and car rental places. There are also many restaurants or places to eat typical Balinese. One of the tourist destinations that we recommend is river rafting.

Otherwise known as water sports games. Well, in this review we will inform you about which places provide the best river rafting in Ubud for travelers on a budget? So, let’s check the important information below.

How to Find River Rafting Location in Ubud

In the Ubud area, there is a river that is suitable for white water rafting activities. This river is known by the name, the Ayung River, its location is located in the village of Payangan, Ubud, Bali. To reach this location, you only need 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali.

During the trip to the Ubud area, you will pass Kuta beach attractions, the Sanur area, and the city of Denpasar. Maybe you can make this your next tourist destination.

Which places provide the best river rafting in Ubud for travelers on a budget? Then the answer is the Ayung river rafting. One of the things that attract this river is the natural scenery, the ticket prices are quite affordable, and the location is not far from other tourist attractions in Bali.

This river also has a fairly swift current, but it is still safe to use for rafting activities, even by beginners. Every spot and river track that will be passed is always full of adrenaline that spurs the heart, especially at high tide.

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To feel this experiment, you can visit the Ayung River Ubud every day with operating hours starting from 07.30 am – 4.00 pm. The best time to enjoy the thrill of river rafting on the Ayung river is in the morning. Thus, you can walk along the river in clear weather and maximum time.

How Much is the Budget for River Rafting in Ubud

To enjoy the excitement of river rafting on the Ayung River, Ubud, Bali, you must prepare a sufficient budget. The fee required for 2 participants is $35/person, 3 – 6 participants are $30/person, and 7 participants or more is about 25$/person. The price of this entrance ticket can of course change at any time.

From this price range, you will get facilities in the form of pick up from the inn you are staying at, river rafting equipment with the best quality and international standard security, welcome drink, toiletries, professional instructor, changing room, insurance claim for $55,000 and lunch after rafting.

You can get all the river rafting packages on our website, namely We are from the River Rafting Bali team and are trying very hard to provide satisfaction for customers by providing water sports tourism services.

So, in addition to river rafting on the Ayung River, we also provide river rafting packages on the Telaga Waja River in Bali, as well as other water sports activities. So, what are you waiting for, come and feel the excitement with us?

Best River Rafting in Ubud for Travelers on a Budget

What Activities Will Be Done While Doing River Rafting in Ubud

Well, we will discuss one by one the activities that you will do when river rafting on the Ayung River, Ubud, including:

1. You must know in advance the equipment that will be used when river rafting, such as life jackets, head protection, rubber boats, and paddles. Here, you are allowed to bring a camera to capture the moment of river rafting.

2. Before deciding to take part in river rafting, make sure that your body condition is healthy and your physical condition is prime so that unwanted things do not happen while rafting is in progress.

3. After you arrive at the location, the river rafting participants will be briefed by a professional and experienced instructor on how to adjust the control while on the boat or how to save yourself when the boat capsizes. This briefing is of course done for the convenience and safety of the river rafting participants.

4. There are 2 types of rubber boats, namely those with a capacity of 4 participants and 6 participants. Each boat will also be provided with an instructor who will help supervise and provide control guidance during the rafting.

5. Next, you will start along the Ayung river Ubud with a distance of 12 km for approximately 2.5 hours. During the trip, you can enjoy the beauty of nature around the river and take pictures on a boat with a rock background on the river wall. One of the things that characterize the Ayung river is the art carvings on the river walls.

6. After wading through the river and playing river rafting, you will arrive at the finish point. You can take a rest, get a shower, change clothes, and have lunch. Here you are will be facilitated with toiletries and lunch.

Best River Rafting in Ubud for Travelers on a Budget

These are the activities that can be done while playing river rafting on the Ayung River, Ubud. Usually, this tourist destination will be crowded with foreign and domestic tourists just before Christmas, New Year’s Day, national holidays, and during school holidays. So, many reviews we can convey about which places provide the best river rafting in Ubud for travelers on a budget?

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How to find rafting tourist areas in Ubud, and what activities are carried out during river rafting. So, hopefully, this information can be an additional reference for those of you who want to experience the excitement of best river rafting in Ubud.

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