Cheapest Ayung Rafting Price

Cheapest Ayung Rafting Price with the Best Quality. Rafting fans will always look for the best rivers for adventure. If you are visiting Bali, come to the Ayung River in Ubud for the most memorable rafting experience. There are also many choices of Ayung rafting prices here, and you may be surprised at the very affordable prices of rafting services and rentals.

Why Should You Raft on the Ayung River Ubud?

Ayung River is one of several favorite rivers for rafting lovers. Many local and foreign tourists often come and admire the landscape on this river. Here are some reasons that make this river so popular:

Mid Level River Stream

Rafting on this river is quite exciting because the river current is not too strong and not too weak. This is what makes rafting activities here still challenging, but also still within safe limits. There are also many choices of Ayung rafting prices here and you can rent equipment that fits the standard.

Exotic Surroundings

The Ayung River area is very beautiful because the natural environment is still beautiful, complete with fresh air. You can even find waterfalls, as well as some enchanting works of local cultural art. Here you can find a variety of ornaments and artistic rock carvings around the river cliffs.

Exciting Rafting Track

Exploring the entire river area will take you approximately 2 hours with amazing views along the river. You will start in Kintamani and the journey will end in the Badung Strait. It will be a cool and unforgettable travel trip.

One thing that is no less important, is you have to be smart in choosing the Ayung rafting price service. The goal is that the travel experience can be more economical and still satisfying.

Cheapest Ayung Rafting Price

Equipment You Must Have When Rafting on the Ayung River

The sport of rafting must be supported by standard equipment and safety devices. Although the flow of the Ayung river is quite safe with a charming track, you still have to be vigilant. Rafting equipment can be owned by yourself, or rented around the tourist river location. Here is much mandatory equipment when you want to raft on the Ayung River, or in other locations:

Inflatable Boat and Paddle

This type of boat usually fits 4 to 10 passengers. But the payload of the boat depends on its size. In general, there are two types of rafting boats, namely those with holes for draining water and those without holes. Meanwhile, the paddle serves as a control tool to direct the speed of the boat in teamwork.

Life Jacket

There will be many opportunities to fall into the water when rafting, whether the boat hits a rock, or is swept away by a strong current. The buoy will support you to stay afloat and safe in the middle of the game.

Head Protector

This tool will protect you when you have to hit hard objects or prevent direct collisions between rafting participants. Make sure the special rafting helmet is firmly attached and the size fits your head.

Dry Bag

This waterproof bag is useful for storing important items that should not be exposed to water. For example, cameras, repair equipment, medicine boxes, emergency aid, smartphones, money, and others.

What is the Average Ayung Rafting Price?

Rafting can be very expensive when you prepare your equipment. After all, taking a boat for rafting to many distant rivers is quite a hassle. For this reason, many people prefer to rent rafting equipment around natural tourist areas. But even renting rafting equipment does not guarantee a cheaper price.

The average Ayung rafting price is in the range of $70, even more. If you come with a large group, maybe this fee can be shared with others, so you can pay less. But if you come with a small group, the cost of renting rafting equipment and other services may be heavier.

The good news is, that you have many choices of places to rent rafting equipment when visiting the Ayung river, Ubud, and other areas. Some of them provide discounted prices so that your travel can be more economical. But of course, there are some tricks to get the best service at an affordable cost.

Cheapest Ayung Rafting Price

Tips for Choosing Quality Cheap Ayung Rafting Prices

Rafting on the Ayung River Ubud is not difficult. You can easily get standard rafting equipment rental services. There will also be a committee ready to guide you to many interesting places around the Ayung river. You might even get lots of offers, making it difficult to choose the most affordable Ayung rafting price, but the facilities are still good.

Here are some tips that you can do to be able to raft on the Ayung river with great service and experience:

Don’t Come Suddenly

Holiday agendas are ideally planned. The goal is to minimize the variety of obstacles when they arrive at tourist attractions. Especially if you want to travel nature. You may need to bring your exercise equipment, food supplies, and necessary safety equipment with you. Preparation and many reservations must be ready before actually getting to the destination.

Make a Reservation for Rafting in Advance

Rafting requires special equipment and security. When you come suddenly, maybe you don’t have much choice but to find Ayung rafting price. When there are a lot of visitors, you may also have to queue. By ordering rafting facilities before leaving, guarantees to get services and facilities at tourist attractions will be guaranteed.

Among the most important reservations when you want to go to Ayung rafting are the rental of rafting equipment, tour guide services, and ordering food. After rafting, you don’t need to bother looking for a place to rest and eat, because everything has been booked in advance.

Choose Package Services

Choosing the Ayung rafting package based on certain packages is a wise choice. Because, you have the opportunity to get cheaper Ayung rafting prices, and even get special discounts. Packages can include the provision of rafting equipment, security guarantees, tour guide services, to the experience of eating in nature accompanied by wild monkeys.

Among the many choices of tour services to the Ayung river Ubud, please find out more about river rafting bali. Here, the most complete rafting service packages are available, as attractive tour guide services. You even have the opportunity to get discounts of up to 50 percent on Ayung rafting price, so that your vacation costs can be very economical and still have quality.

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