Complete Guide How to Rafting at Ayung Bali

Complete Guide How to Rafting at Ayung Bali. Confused about choosing a fun activity to do with family or friends? Let’s go to the Ubud River, Bali, to explore nature as well as exciting rafting in stunning scenery. This river is one of the favorites for rafting, even when you are a beginner.

But of course, several things must be prepared, including equipping yourself with knowledge about how to raft at Ayung Bali.

Complete Guide How to Rafting at Ayung Bali

So, how does rafting at Ayung Bali keep it safe and fun? Here are some things you should pay attention to:

How to Rafting at Ayung Bali is Ensure Your Body is Fit

Being able to swim is one of the most important requirements when it comes to rafting. But the most priority is to prepare a fit body. A fit body will make you always ready to face the swift flow of the river, and always fully concentrate on following the instructions of the instructor. You’ll also be much more prepared and resilient when the boat capsizes or has to fall into the water.

Use Full Equipment and Comfortable Clothing

How to raft at Ayung Bali to stay safe? You must of course use the proper security devices. The good news is, that super complete rafting equipment, such as rubber boat helmets, buoys, ropes, oars, and others, are available at many rafting equipment rental services on the Ayung River. All the equipment is even international standard.

This means that you only need to pay rent which is quite affordable. Otherwise, you are advised to wear a swimsuit, or a comfortable T-shirt and leggings. Also use shoes or sandals that don’t come off easily, because rafting will keep you busy with the impact and push of the water. Don’t let your footwear just slip off, or your clothes hinder movement.

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No need to wear nice clothes. During the rafting, the clothes you wear will get wet. So, you should save fashionable clothes as a change of clothes. Jewelry should also not be worn because it is susceptible to water damage, damage, or loss.

Warm up to Avoid Injury

Rafting is part of the sport. For this reason, you and your team must first warm up before actually getting on the boat and wading through the river. Rafting will make you get shocks repeatedly. Warming up will keep you from injury because the muscles are more flexible. The warm-up technique will usually be guided by the instructor. You may be invited to warm up in the legs, arms, and neck.

The warm-up movement will end with jumping and jogging. Even though it may seem trivial, you should follow the instructor’s advice, and run the warm-up session properly. This is even one of the important physical preparations so that you can apply correctly, how to raft at Ayung Bali.

Pay Attention to the Sitting Position and How to Hold the Paddle

The sitting position will determine the balance of the boat when it will slide, to wade through the river to the finish line. Arrange with the team so that the sitting position on each side of the boat can be balanced.

When rafting on the Ayung river, you and your group will always be accompanied by an instructor. This will make it easier to adjust the sitting position to maintain the balance of the boat.

Also, pay attention to how you hold the paddle. Position the paddle like a flat board, and grip the center paddle handle with your left hand, then the other hand holding the end of the paddle stick. This position will make it easier for you to move the paddle according to the instructions.

Make sure you hold the oar firmly and swiftly so that all the teams on the boat can work together to control the boat from the brunt of the water currents and rocks.

Be Prepared When You Have to Fall from the Boat

Falling from the boat is a common risk when rafting on the Ayung river and other rivers. Instead of panicking, you can do some of the best things, including staying swimming and positioning yourself in a lying-down condition.

The life jacket will keep you afloat, then let your body go with the flow. The instructor will usually provide immediate assistance, for example by extending a rope from the boat, then pulling you back to join and continue the journey.

Be Prepared When the Boat Overturns

Another risk besides falling is having to experience an overturned boat. The cause could be due to many things, maybe because it was hit by a large rock, or rolled by a strong current. Do not panic to speed up the return of the boat to its original position.

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You and your team can work together to keep the air in the boat’s sunken cavities. Next, immediately dive to get out of the boat trap. Be careful not to hit rocks while diving, or want to flip the boat back up.

Follow the instructions – Complete Guide How to Rafting at Ayung Bali

Rafting will be very exciting when you and your team can brave the current and make it to the finish line safely. For that, always pay attention and follow the cues to paddle the oars so that the boat is always under control. Here are some of the most frequently used instruction signs:

  1. The “Forward” instruction means that you must pedal the oar inward.
  2. The “Back” instruction means that the lady is pedaled outwards.
  3. The “Right Forward – Left Backward” instruction means that the participant sitting on the right side pedals the oar inward while the participant on the left pedals in the opposite direction.
  4. The “Right Backward – Left Forward” instruction, means that the participant on the right pedals the oar outwards and the participant on the left pedals inwards.
  5. The “Stop” instruction means that all participants are prohibited from moving the paddle by releasing the paddle handle and raising their hands.
  6. The “Move Right” instruction means that all participants sitting on the left side must move to the right position.
  7. The “Move Left” instruction means that all participants on the right move to the left.
  8. The “Boom” instruction means the boat is facing rapids and has the potential to fall or capsize. This kind of instruction means you have to bend down while lifting the oar, then hold on tight to the boat.

It is very important to know and implement How to Rafting at Ayung Bali, so you can get an exciting and memorable experience. By using the services of River Rafting Bali, the rafting experience on the Ayung river will be even more memorable, and safe, and the cost is the most affordable.

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