half day white water rafting bali

Do you want to try Bali rafting adventure? If Yes, you can do Half Day White Water Rafting Bali with Hotel transfers and Lunch. This is an rafting tour package with exclusive prices including hotel pick up and drop off. Lunch, insurance and all safety equipment in the rafting activity are also included.

With a private pick-up, certainly make the trip to the rafting office more comfortable. Make your trip more memorable and comfortable with white water rafting with Hotel Transfers and Lunch.

Then feel the sensation of rafting adventure for 2 hours 30 minutes in the Ayung River or Telaga Waja River. Down the river in a remote village and natural green scenery in Bali.

What rivers can choose for Half Day White Water Rafting Bali with Hotel Transfer and Lunch

According to our experience and feedback from our customers, there are 2 rivers to choose for half day white water rafting Bali. What river is that?

1. Half Day White Water Rafting Bali at Ayung River

Ayung River is located in the north of Ubud, about 14 km that you will conquer with an inflatable boat. This river has advantages with rock cliffs filled with amazing carvings. Besides the natural scenery of the tropical rain forest this river also has levels II and III rafting difficulty levels. Very safe for beginner and professional rafter. Ayung River Rafting Cost

What Can You Get/Find at Ayung River?

First of all, before you go to Ayung River or book for the Ayung River white water rafting service, let’s find out more about this river and the activity you are going to do. Here we go.

  • Difficulty level

It has a low difficulty level. In the white water rafting term, it only has level II to III difficulty level. Both of them don’t have too extreme rapids or stream. And, there is a rare chance that you will get an injury after you fall into the river. Many people choose White water rafting bali ayung river mostly because of this reason. They can relax, have fun, enjoy the scenery, and get the best experience with their family or friends.

half day white water rafting Bali at Ubud Ayung River

Ayung River Rafting Adventure

Although it has a low difficulty level, when you use the white water rafting service in this river, you will be accompanied by the guide and instructor. Remember, it’s still nature. If you underestimate it, you will end up with a huge problem. Follow the instruction and have fun.

  • The Scenery

The beautiful lavish green scenery will please your eyes during the calming time on the route. Maybe, you won’t be able to enjoy it at the fullest, when you have to control your raft and following the instructor command on the hard part of White water rafting bali ayung river. But, once you enter the calm zone, take your time to see the beauty of forest and cliff with the stone carving on it. Guaranteed, you will know what paradise looks like is.

  • The fun activity

White water rafting is your main activity. However, there are also many fun spots you need to try along the White water rafting bali ayung river route. For example, there is a jump spot where you can jump into the river from the cliff 4 meters high. Or, the waterfall spot also is the perfect spot to enjoy the water massage. Basically, you will find everything that you need for relaxing as well as having fun here.

2. Half Day White Water Rafting Bali at Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali is one of the longest river Bali. Located in Karangasem regency, the start point to runs southward Bali from southern slope of Mount Abang. With it’s specific current, clean water, natural views and soft rapids. This river has a difficulty level III – IV but still safe for the beginners, the rapids are very challenging. And becoming more popular among the adventure seekers in Bali. Check price for Telaga Waja Rafting

Travelers are curious with Telaga Waja River because of its length. Telaga Waja River is known as one of the longest rivers for rafting in Bali. Moreover, people also want to enjoy the fantastic view of Mount Abang and white water. The rafting track is classified in level III to IV along with soft rapids.

Half day white water rafting bali at Telaga waja river rafting

Telaga waja river rafting adventure

Because of the soft rapids, the river is still safe for beginner rafters. River Rafting Bali has designed Ubud Bali white water rafting adventure along with suitable facilities and services for all types of rafters including the beginner rafters. You will get specific facilities and services such as friendly staff, high-quality equipment, welcome drink, lunch, and even insurance

Ayung rafting vs Telaga Waja

Half Day White Water Rafting Bali, Include :

  • Private hotel transfer
  • Rafting equipment & International Safety Standard
  • Clean towel
  • Safety & paddle briefing and Rafting Guide
  • Changing room & shower at finish point
  • Insurance
  • Buffet lunch with delicious local food after rafting.

Half Day White Water Rafting Bali with Hotel Transfer and Lunch

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