How To Get Cheap White Water Rafting In Bali

Who will refuse the offer of cheap white water rafting in Bali? All rafting sports lovers will welcome it enthusiastically. Especially on the island of the Gods, there is the Ayung River which has long been a prima donna. The Ayung River offers an exciting place for those who like an adventure in the river while enjoying the stunning scenery.

The offer of low-cost rafting equipment rental services of course also applies to anyone curious and wants to feel the excitement of exploring the Ayung river, with the challenges of currents and rocks that test their adrenaline. Between river walks, you can also appreciate the stone statues carved in a classic style, as well as the beautiful waterfalls.

How to Get Cheap White Water Rafting in Bali

Is it possible to pay for the sport of rafting cheaply? White water rafting at least makes you have to travel far and rent rafting equipment when you get to the location. All that requires transportation costs and money for rent that is not small.

Not to mention if you want to try other rides around the Ayung river. Or want to access a place for lunch, to lodging. All of these activities will cost you a fortune if you don’t know the tricks. Let’s read this article further to see the possibility of getting cheap white water rafting in Bali.

Is it Possible to Rafting on the Ayung River on a Low Budget?

The interest of tourists, both local and foreign, is very high in rafting on the Ayung River. This situation makes tour guide service companies compete with each other to get as many customers as possible. Various discounts and attractive promos are being rolled out, so it is very possible to get cheap prices when you want to raft on the Ayung river.

But of course, you have to run many special tricks to get the opportunity to cheap white water rafting in Bali. You should also not only focus on cheap prices but in the end, get disappointing rafting equipment rental services and equipment.

Therefore, it is very important to research first, to select a service company that is truly able to provide the best service at an affordable price.

How To Prepare For White Water Rafting In Ayung River

Easy Steps to Get Cheap White Water Rafting in Bali

Several things must be done when you want to get a tour guide service and the cheapest rafting equipment rental. Let’s follow these steps:

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

You may be very proficient and experienced in rafting. But setting up rafting equipment alone is of course very troublesome, isn’t it? Especially if you come from a remote location. Bringing rafting equipment such as boats, paddles, buoys, and other equipment must be very inconvenient.

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Not to mention if you bring a group to join the Ayung river, Ubud Bali. Many preparations must be done, including accommodation, security equipment, to food supplies. But that does not mean this is a ban, because everything depends on your choice. if you want to be practical, you should work with the services of a local tour guide.

Selectively Choose the Services of a Tour Guide

The decision to use the services of a tour guide is the first step so that it is easier for you to get cheap white water rafting in Bali. But not all provide discounted prices with good and complete service quality. You have to be selective about the background and track record of the company to ensure the service is satisfactory.

Take a moment to research. With the right keywords, you can find various websites that offer cheap white water rafting in Bali. Learn what services are offered, and the details of the costs to see the track record and reputation of the company through various blogs and comment fields.

When you manage to find the right Ayung River tour guide, you will get a reliable and professional tour guide and instructor. This is very important to support safety during rafting.

Choose Tour Packages with Special Discounts

The easiest way to get cheap prices when you want to raft on the Ayung River in Bali is to choose the available packages. Packages usually contain a variety of services, from pick-up services at certain points to tourist sites, to borrowing the most complete and international standard rafting equipment.

Ayung River tour packages will also usually provide lunch services, changing rooms, lodging, and free WiFi facilities. If you choose the right service company, other tour services may also be available, such as rafting services, or visiting other tourist attractions in Ubud, Bali.

Don’t Come Suddenly

It is very unwise to come to the Ayung river without any planning. At least you have to make a reservation so that it’s not difficult to find a place to rent rafting equipment or find the most comfortable place to eat after being tired of rafting.

Careful planning should also indicate that you have prepared a fit physique. This is very important because rafting must be supported by excellent body condition. That way, you will always be alert to the swift currents, new collisions, and the possibility of falling from the boat.

You also should not forget to bring much personal equipment that may not be provided by the tour guides. Equipment that must be brought includes toiletries, a change of clothes, a waterproof bag, sunblock, footwear, a camera, or a smartphone to capture holiday moments, and others.

Recommended Services for the Best Tour Guides and Rafting Equipment Rental

Among the many Ayung River Tour service companies that promote themselves, you can consider River Rafting Bali to support a safe and still fun trip on the Ayung river. We do not only rent out the most complete and international standard rafting equipment. Furthermore, we have many professionals who are ready to guide tours, as well as become skilled instructors when rafting.

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The existence of service packages from River Rafting Bali also opens up opportunities for you to get cheap white water rafting in Bali. Not only cheap, but you will also be satisfied because of the complete and professional service.

Finally, the purpose of cheap white water rafting in Bali is not just for fun. In the river area, you can feel the peace of the river flow, and enjoy the natural beauty around you, to trigger adrenaline to relieve stress.

So, make sure you choose the right tour guide, so that your vacation on the Ayung river takes place optimally.

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