How To Prepare For White Water Rafting In Ayung River

How to Prepare for White Water Rafting in Ayung River Ubud? Once you’ve had the fun of rafting, chances are you’ll want to keep trying it again and again. But rafting is not a sport that can be done just like that. You also have to know very well how to prepare for white water rafting. Good preparation includes the completeness of standard equipment, the presence of an instructor, sufficient knowledge of river tracks, and personal preparation before and after rafting.

How to Prepare for White Water Rafting

What’s interesting about rafting? Some people are skeptical and see rafting as an expensive hobby. How come? You will need a variety of safety equipment, from boats, oars, special helmets, and other equipment. The risk of rafting is also not kidding. Navigate the river with challenging currents, and have to face steep rocks. You and your team could fall into the river and get injured!

Anyone who is only listening from afar, maybe you will still have negative thoughts about rafting. But if you’ve been rafting once and enjoyed the fun, chances are you’ll want to try again and again. White water rafting is fun because it triggers adrenaline in a thrilling water adventure. You even get lots of bonuses, such as stunning views around the river, fresh air, and coordination and cohesiveness exercises.

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No wonder, many people bother to find out how to prepare for white water rafting and do it. For example, you should not be surprised when many local and foreign tourists flock to the Ayung River. They are even willing to pay dearly to enjoy various rafting facilities and activities because the experience is priceless.

How to Prepare for White Water Rafting and What are the Important Equipment?

Rafting equipment must be used when you are rafting on the Ayung River, Ubud, Bali, or other rivers. Among the equipment that must be present, so that it becomes part of how to prepare for white water rafting, includes a special rubber boat for rafting, life jackets, oars, safety helmets, and ropes for holding on. The good news is, that the equipment is usually already available around the rafting location.

Managers of tourist attractions and rafting service companies usually already provide rafting equipment with international standards, complete with instructors. So, you don’t have to bother transporting boats and oars from home, especially if the distance from your house to the river is quite far.

Even so, of course, there is special equipment that must be brought when you want to go on rafting tours. The following are some of the tours in question:


This is part of how to prepare for white water rafting, where some of you use special swimsuits. You will get wet when rafting, and a swimsuit can support comfort during rafting. Of course, you must have prepared a change of clothes after the rafting moment is over.

Sturdy Footwear

Navigating the river requires extra concentration and energy. Do not let your footwear interfere with movement. Avoid using flip-flops or footwear that comes off easily. We recommend that you choose sturdy footwear that supports rafting activities.

Waterproof Bag

You may need a smartphone to stay in touch, or just take pictures in quiet moments on a rafting boat. Make sure your smartphone is protected and kept safe in the protection of the waterproof bag. This kind of bag can also be used to store other personal equipment such as dry clothes to change, as well as cosmetics and sunblock.

When is the Best Time for Rafting on the Ayung River, Ubud Bali?

After you can apply correctly how to prepare for white water rafting, it’s time to determine the best time for rafting on the Ayung River and other locations. When you arrive at a tourist site, you usually won’t be immediately allowed to get on a boat and head down to the river.

Professional tour guides will usually provide some information and recommendations. When the weather does not allow for rafting, or the river current is strong, you should follow these precautions for safety. But in general, the Ayung river is relatively safe from current conditions and environmental conditions. Children over the age of 8 can even participate in rafting with quite a professional safety guard.

Tips for Safe and Fun Rafting on the Ayung River Ubud

One of the main keys to being safe and memorable when rafting on the Ayung river is to understand how to prepare for white water rafting and apply it correctly. In addition to having to prepare yourself optimally, you also have to be good at choosing the best tour guide services, as well as professional rafting equipment rental places.

Here are some tips that you can run so you can miss the exciting rafting moments on the Ayung River:

Choose Rafting Service in Complete Package

You will most likely have to pay high fees when renting rafting equipment. But when you choose services in special packages, usually the costs incurred will be much cheaper. Certain rafting rental and scouting services can even provide discounts of up to 50 percent for visitors with relatively easy terms and conditions.

When you choose the right service company, you will be given the option to take a specific package. But the best thing is when you choose a complete package, where you and your group will get services from pick-up at certain locations, to getting plus-plus facilities.

Ensure All Rafting Equipment is International Standard

The rafting equipment is ideally of international standard and in proper condition. The goal is to ensure the safety of users while enjoying the moment of rafting on the Ayung River.

Ask for Mentoring Services and Local Instructors

No matter how good you are at rafting, you should always ask for assistance and ensure the presence of an instructor. This is very important for safety while on the river. Local tour guides can even provide rich information about the surroundings of tourist attractions.

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In the end, information on how to prepare for white water rafting must be followed by a willingness to stay alert. You also, of course, have to do some physical preparations so as not to be surprised when you have to face river currents and large rocks. As the best recommendation, you can use the services of river rafting Bali to get the best, safest, and most complete service, at the most affordable price.

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