Kuber Bali Adventure

Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud offers an exciting experience during your vacation on the island of Bali. Drive ATV Quad Bike in Bali’s natural and green nature. With experienced atv instructors, will do a complete safety briefing before driving through rice fields, plantations, forests, rivers, traditional villages, and tunnels about 500 meter lenghty.

The tunnel or Cave is very unique, made during the Dutch rule of Bali. In addition, you will be spoiled by the amazing experience of crossing the ATV track under the waterfall. You will not find this anywhere else, only in Kuber Bali Adventure.

Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud offers different and unique all-terrain vehicle tours. The location is in the northern part of central Ubud, only 60 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, Kuta, Seminyak or one hour 30 minutes from Nusa Dua.

Kuber ATV Adventure - ATV Quad Bike Riding Bali

Enjoy a fun and safe ride through real rives, forests, plantations and long tunnels made during the Dutch war. Duration is 1.30 to 2 hours depending on how fast you drive.  The purpose of this tour is to introduce the unseen side of the island of Bali to all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

If it’s more of a challenge that you crave, our instructor will guide you through some of the most technical terrain our site has to offer, traverse seemingly impossible slopes, down hill and then use the full power of the bikes to ascend back to the up hill

Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud, highlights

  • Enjoy your ATV Quad Bike adventure in Ubud Bali include lunch and Guide
  • Go on Bali’s top adventure – see the lush rain forest, Rice Paddies, Valley, waterfalls, River, Long Caves and breathtaking gorges
  • The best guides in the business – professional trained and friendly people – top-of-the-line equipment
  • Suitable for couple, group travelers and people of all ages – from 7 to 65 years old
  • Full Insurance coverage
  • Available for short track, midel track and full track Ride ATV in Ubud Bali

What’s Included ?

  • Welcome Drink On Arrival
  • Professional ATV Ride Instructor
  • 1 hour 30 minutes ATV Ride for Full Track
  • 1 hour ATV Ride for Short Track
  • Use Of Towels And Shower Facilities
  • Changing Room And Toilet Facilities
  • Boots.
  • Lunch
  • Insurance Coverage

Price of Kuber Bali Adventure ATV

Currently, Kuber has 3 products that you can choose from, starting from the short track to the most complete track, namely waterfalls and tunnels. Here are the package options

1. Kuber ATV Short Track – Only 60 minutes ( no waterfall & cave )

Kuber Bali Adventure ~ ATV Waterfall and Cave Start 350K

Don’t want to ride an ATV for too long? Kuber Bali Adventure has short tracks which can be your best choice. This ATV Tour will take you around to enjoy the natural panorama of the countryside, beautiful rice fields and you may have never seen before during a 1 hour tour with an ATV.

This outdoor activity is perfect to complete your vacation in Bali and you should try it. We have a very good service to take you around the village and enjoy the adventure with the ATV.

With only 1 hour, you can have the most enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. With this ATV tour, you can enjoy the countryside, beautiful environment, jungle, plantations and Fun-up Down Trail to Up Hill and Fun Action for sure.

Kuber Short Track Price

Descriptions PRICE
Single Ride500K/person
Tandem Ride750K/ 2 persons

Booking rafting online

2. Kuber Full Track – ATV With Waterfall and Long Cave

Kuber Bali Adventure ~ ATV Waterfall and Cave Start 350K

This package is the best package with the most complete tracks in Kuber Bali Adventure. You will be given a real adventure for 1 hour 30 minutes. Country pass, then wide and green rice fields during rice season. Then the settlements, valleys, forests and plantations.

You are also invited to go down the river and drive your ATV in a pool of water to see a natural waterfall behind the cliffs on the left and right. The waterfall and cave track with a length of 700 meters is the uniqueness of the Kuber Bali Adventure track.

You won’t find this anywhere else, even though there are many who copy our track but it’s impossible to be the same.

The services we offer with perfect choice of locations and safety equipment are always there for you. This tour will be conducted for 2 hours by ATV from the departure point to the final point.

Kuber Full Track Price

Descriptions PRICE
Single Ride700K/person
Tandem Ride950K/ 2 persons

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Request Private Pick-up and Drop Off

If you want to use our hotel transfer service, we offer private service pick-up from hotel dan drop you back to hotel after kuber bali adventure finish. Private tranfers with additional charge idr. 350K/ car/ 2 way.

Area Covered : Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Ubud, Denpasar, Benoa Harbor, Airport. If you stay in other location, Please contact us for pick up in different area

Kuber Bali Adventure | Cheap ATV Ride Ubud Start from 400K

Route of Kuber Bali Adventure

First, the ATV route will pass through rural areas, where you can see beautiful views of rice fields. If you come before the harvest season, then you can see the view of the rice fields filled with green rice plants. Riding an ATV while see this green scenery is one of the exciting experiences that you will get during your adventure.

The second route will continue to the jungle area where you can also find green scenery and have to pass through challenging terrain. Muddy paths with steep ups and downs will await you here. Prepare yourself and everything is guaranteed to make your adrenaline rush.

Than Deep in the forest, then you will arrive at a unique cave track. Before entering the cave, you are obliged to turn on the ATV lights because it is quite dark inside. The path of this cave is quite long. In it, you have to go through turn after turn which is a little slippery and watery in order to reach the end of the cave.

After passing through the cave, you will go back through the forest with green trees until you finally arrive at a waterfall. This waterfall point is often used as a place to rest by guides and adventure participants. You can stop here for a while while playing in the cool water.

Before continuing on your adventure, don’t forget to take some photos with this instagenic waterfall as a backdrop to decorate your social media pages.

After you pass all the tracks above, you will finally arrive at a muddy puddle of water as a sign that you have managed to reach the finish point.

In this muddy puddle, participants will do several laps around a small tree in the middle. This ATV adventure at Kuber Bali Adventure is designed for beginners, so you don’t have to have experience to join.

Kuber Bali Adventure | Cheap ATV Ride Ubud Start from 400K

Tips Ride ATV in Kuber Bali Adventure

So, for your adventure can run smoothly, you can listen to some of the tips below :

  • The equipment you must wear on an ATV adventure is a helmet and boots. All the equipment has been prepared by the provider. So, you no longer need to bring it from home.
  • This helmet is effective enough to protect the head from impact when falling from the ATV. Meanwhile, boots will protect your feet from the hot steam from the ATV engine.
  • The technique of riding an ATV is actually not much different from that of a motorcycle. The only difference lies in the way the gas operates.
  • Gas operation on the ATV is done by pressing the button on the right handlebar. In contrast to the operation of the gas on a motorcycle that is pulled with the right hand grip.
  • Understanding the basics of driving an ATV is important for a smooth adventure. For more details, you can look for tutorial videos on riding ATVs on Youtube.
  • When riding a motorcycle, it is not a problem if you lower your legs when you lose your balance. But when driving an ATV, this becomes a very fatal thing, especially if the ATV is still running. Because ATV tires can erode your feet.
  • When going on an adventure, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages or those containing alcohol. Because, the influence of alcohol can make your concentration power weaken while driving.
  • During the adventure, you will be accompanied by experienced guides. You should always follow their instructions for a safe adventure.
  • Avoid acting recklessly like driving an ATV at high speed regardless of track conditions. This is very dangerous for your safety.

Kuber Bali Adventure | Cheap ATV Ride Ubud Start from 400K

Several things you need to prepare before Kuber Bali Adventure

  • Prepare a change of clothes before you go on an adventure. Because, the clothes you are using are guaranteed to be dirty and wet after passing through muddy tracks. You can keep it in the locker first. After the adventure is over, you can clean yourself first before changing clothes.
  • Bring a plastic bag to store your wet and dirty clothes earlier. This is important to prevent your backpack from getting wet and dirty. Kuber Bali Adventure no longer provide plastic bags, so you have to bring your own.
  • In an ATV adventure, you should not forget to apply sunblock or sunscreen before starting. This is important to protect your skin from sun exposure during outdoor activities.
  • The camera is not a must have in the adventure. However, if you want to capture every moment during the adventure, of course you must bring it. Make sure the camera you bring is equipped with a special case that can protect the device from splashes of water.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to bring enough extra cash for your personal needs such as buying food or drinks after the adventure.

How to Make Reservation for Kuber Bali Adventure

  • Simply fill the “RESERVATION DATA” which will be sent via Email, SMS, Phone, or WhatsApp.
  • E-mail : bookriverraftingbali@gmail.com
  • For Quick Respond please chat us via whatsapp : +6281217205656 ( text, whatsapp, phone )
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