Telaga Waja Vs Ayung Rafting

There are two worth it places to visit for rafting in Bali. You can just go to Telaga Waja vs Ayung River to feel the best sensation of rafting in Bali. So, which one do you have to choose first, Telaga Waja or Ayung rafting? Actually, you don’t need to get confused because River Rafting Bali is ready with rafting packages which lead you to those two best rivers.

Both of these Bali rafting locations are in different tourist areas and districts. If Ayung rafting is in the center of Ubud tourism, it’s very easy to reach. Besides that, there are many choices of tourist attractions close to Ayung Rafting that you can combine after rafting. Among them are the Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace, ATV Ubud and many more.

Meanwhile, Telaga Waja rafting is in a remote area in Selat Village, Karangasem. Its location is at the foot of Mount Agung and Besakih Temple. This place is very quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the city and other tourist activities such as in Ubud. So each location for Ayung rafting and Telaga Waja rafting has advantages and disadvantages.

Telaga Waja vs Ayung Rafting

In my opinion which one is better depends on the interest of the participants. If you want something crowded with lots of tourist activities, choose Ayung Rafting. But if you want something calm and more challenging, choose Telaga Waja rafting. For more detail let’s check the detail below.

Telaga Waja Rafting

How Difficult is Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

The first place you have to visit for rafting in Bali is Telaga Waja. Here, you are about to explore the longest river in Bali using a boat. The rafting route is challenging because it is a level III-IV river. It is not a big problem because the river is still safe for beginner or professional rafters.

Before choosing Telaga Waja or Ayung rafting, just check the excitement of joining Telaga river rafting. The most exciting part in Telaga Waja rafting package is on the downhill. Just imagine that you have to pass 5 meters downhill with a 500 degrees slope.

While passing through the downhill, you will be amazed by the beauty of the rice fields, shrubs, and trees around the river. This river is also a good place for those who want to relax and feel the fresh air. The location is far away from pollutants and fresh enough.

Ayung River Rafting

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If you still get confused whether joining Telaga Waja or Ayung rafting, you can check the exciting part of joining Ayung River rafting. People love to do rafting at Ayung River because of the slow rapids. The rapids, route, and obstacles of the river are perfect for beginner or professional rafters.

The difference is that you are about to explore a Level II – III river in Bali along with outstanding scenery including rice field, forest, and even Ramayana relief on the rock. One thing to remember is that you must prepare your stamina and make sure that you are in good health. This is because you are about to spend 2.5 hours to finish the rafting.

Another difference is that Ayung rafting has two packages which are the morning rafting and afternoon rafting. For those who want to enjoy the river in the morning, you can take the morning trip which starts at 08:30 am. If you can’t join the morning package, you can take the afternoon which starts at 10:00 am.

The Services Offered by River Rafting Bali

The things you also need to know before joining Telaga Waja vs Ayung River rafting is the services offered by River Rafting Bali. Both of the rafting packages are supported by Buffet Lunch after rafting. The agency is serving delicious local foods.

The food will turn your stamina back after exploring the river for a few hours. The agency also prepares a professional driver to pick you up at the hotel so you don’t have to find any transportation or vehicle to go to the river.

By the time you are ready to do the rafting, you will be guided by a professional trainer. The trainer has enough experience in Telaga Waja or Ayung River rafting. The trainer shows you how to use high-quality equipment so you can enjoy the rafting from the beginning to the end.

All of you will get a welcome drink, a clean towel, shower and changing room, and also personal insurance. Whether Telaga Waja or Ayung River rafting, it covers several pick up areas including Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Legian, and many more.

The point is that Telaga Waja vs Ayung River rafting is worth it to try.  Both of them offer the best excitement for anybody who wants to feel the rafting sensation in Bali. The best nature of the river and the services offered by River Rafting Bali will be a perfect combination for the most memorable rafting in Bali.

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