Cost of White Water Rafting in Bali – Visit Bali just for sunbathing at the beaches, from our point of views is just pointless. Bali is an island of adventure. You will find everything that you need to have fun and relax.

So rather that just doing sunbathing, why you don’t try white water rafting in Bali. There are several great courses, such as Telaga waja rafting and Ayung Rafting. Do you want to try it? or maybe you want to know the cost of white water rafting in Bali first before booking the service.

The Cost of white water rafting in Bali

Roughly you need to pay starting from 35$ to more than $55. It depends on the type of activity and service that you want to get. For example, if you use a discount from promo offers. However, the cost of white water rafting in Bali is more expensive with extra that activity. Than, after that you also have a tour in elephant park or ATV Ride adventure. This will cost more because you have more activities to do.

However, the price is worth to pay. All of those activities will ensure that you return to your home with precious memories of Bali. You won’t only remember the beauty of this island. Than you also experience many fun and interesting activities here.

But, if you think that cost of white water rafting in Bali is too expensive, we have some tips to get cheaper price for white water rafting in Bali. How to get cheaper cost for white water rafting in Bali? There are 4 things you need to do, here they are

How Difficult is Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

1. Online Booking

First of all, in order to lowest the cost of river rafting in Bali, book the service by online. Most of the tour company in Bali has an online booking service. Many of them also offer promo or coupon code you can use to get discount. This is one of the best methods to save money for experiencing this unique and fun activity.

2. Choose the standard Package

It is true, the private package will gave you more freedom to enjoy the white water rafting in Bali. But that freedom cost you more.

It is true; the private package will give you more freedom to enjoy the white water rafting. But, that freedom cost you more. So, choose the standard package. This package, even though doesn’t have luxurious service like the private one, is still enjoyable, especially if you try it with your friends or family. The most important thing is this is the best way to get low Cost of white water rafting in Bali.

River Rafting Bali - Simple Guide to Get the Best Cost of White Water Rafting in Bali

3. Try It with Many People

More people means you don’t need to pay the service alone. You can divide it between your friends. You can even have a private package at a lower cost this way.

4. Use the Best Company

The first thing to do is finding the best company itself. How? Comparing and researching way before the day you go to Bali and book for the white water rafting service. That seems tired, isn’t it? Fortunately, you have us here. We have the best recommendation if you want to get the cheapest Cost of white water rafting in Bali with the best service you can find.

Visit This company has all the white water rafting services that you need. They also provide all the equipment and accommodation that you need. And, their guide is also an expert in this field. Furthermore, they offer their service at the most affordable price. In short, this is the only service that you need. Try it now!

What age can join the White Water Rafting in Bali?

Ayung River is a safe river for rafting so it is suitable for all ages rafters. As long as you are 7 to 65 years old and in good health, you can join the Ayung river rafting Bali package. You don’t have to be in a big group only to join this package. The package is for 2 participants and more and you are ready to get a challenging and exciting rafting experience in Bali.

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