The Most Recommended Ubud Bali Destination for Rafting

Ubud Bali Destination for Rafting – Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, there are also several Ubud Bali destinations for rafting. If you’re looking to embark on an exciting river adventure, or have already fallen in love with white water rafting, we have comprehensive information on some of the most recommended rivers for rafting.

No matter where it is, rafting requires some essential equipment such as a special boat, oars, life jackets, and helmets, as well as other equipment. The good news is, that you don’t have to bother preparing the equipment when you want to go rafting and choose Ubud Bali destination. Around the river in Ubud, there are several places for rafting equipment rental services, including the services of tour guides and professional instructors rafting.

Of course, Ubud Bali Destination provides more than just the best place for rafting. In this article, let’s talk about the various services available when you visit Ubud.

Why do Many People Choose Ubud Bali Destination for Rafting?

Many rivers can be visited for rafting. But the rivers in Bali, Ayung, for example, have a charm that is second to none. In addition to a challenging track but still safe, you can enjoy beautiful views on the left and right sides of the river. Of course, other reasons make Ubud Bali destination very popular for rafting, as follows:

Guaranteed Security

Rafting on the Ayung river Ubud is guaranteed safe because the available rafting equipment is by international standards. You can easily get rubber boats, oars, and various other safety devices with guaranteed quality standards.

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On the other hand, you will also get professional local instructors who are very knowledgeable about the conditions in the Ayung River. Good coordination between participants and guides will make rafting fun and safe.

Friendly for Kids and Beginners

The character of the Ayung river which has a fairly stable current makes it safe for rafting, even for children. Even so, you still will not miss the excitement that can trigger adrenaline. You also of course can not predict the flow of rivers or rocks that might bring you to the point of danger. For this reason, the presence of professional instructors and guides always accompanies tourists’ rafting activities.

Available Complete Package Services

When choosing Ubud Bali destination for rafting, to be precise on the Ayung River, you can also choose the most complete service package. That way, you don’t have to bother preparing tools for rafting, lunch, and lodging.

Because by choosing the right package, you can enjoy it all with a friendly and professional service style. Certain tour guide service companies even provide super complete packages, because there is a pick-up service from certain locations to the Ayung River.

Affordable Prices

Those who have made rafting a hobby won’t mind the high fees charged for renting rafting equipment, or paying for the services of an instructor. The cost of rafting is quite high, especially if you want to get other exclusive facilities at places to eat and stay.

The good news is that Ubud Bali destination, precisely in the Ayung river area, is very friendly in terms of service, to the choice of prices. Certain service companies are even ready to provide discounts of up to 50 percent for those of you who use special packages. This means that the costs incurred for rafting tours can be much more economical.

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Recommended Rivers for Rafting in Ubud Bali Destination

In the previous discussion, we mentioned the Ayung River several times as the ideal place for rafting. Of course, several other rivers are no less beautiful and highly recommended. Here are some brief descriptions of the existence of a river rafting in Ubud that presents stunning natural panoramas and views:

Ubud Ayung River

Located in Payangan Village, Ubud, Bali, this river has become one of the targets for rafting lovers for several reasons. The river stretches for 13 kilometers, and the estimated travel time for adventurers from start to finish is about 2.5 hours. In addition to triggering adrenaline, you will also be spoiled with beautiful views on the left and right of the river.

Here some cliffs are artistically carved, resulting in amazing statues. You will also find a majestic waterfall. Along the river, you will be guided by a professional instructor, so that the safety of yourself and your group is guaranteed.

Telaga Waja River

Besides the Ayung River, you can also choose the Telaga Waja River Rafting for the Ubud Bali destination schedule. Unlike the Ayung river, the track on this river is longer with a higher level of challenge. To walk along the entire river, you and your group have to travel 16 km, and the travel time can take up to three hours.

Along the river, you will be spoiled with beautiful views typical of rice fields, as well as a 5-meter-high waterfall. You will also be mesmerized by the river water which is still very clear, and the fresh air that you will not get in the city center.

Is it Necessary to Use The Services of a Tour Guide When Rafting in Ubud Bali Destination?

This depends on your choice. If you are very proficient and experienced in rafting, and like adventure, maybe you don’t need the services of a tour guide. You can immediately rent rafting equipment to enjoy an unforgettable adventure on the Ayung River.

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But when you want practicality, the services of a tour guide and rafting equipment rental will be very helpful. You don’t need to think about traveling to the river, because there is a pick-up service available. You can even get a guarantee of safety by using equipment that meets international standards, as well as assistance from professional instructors.

Tour guide services, such as River Rafting Bali, are also very useful for dining and other accommodation matters. After completing the rafting, you don’t need to be confused looking for food, because everything is available and directed by the guides. You can even choose other tour schedule so that your trip in Ubud will be more complete and quality, but still practical and economical.

In the end, your Ubud Bali destination tour will be perfect when you entrust excellent service with River Rafting Bali.

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