White water rafting Bali whats to wear – Bali has many great spots where you can enjoy the adrenaline-rush adventure by trying white water rafting. Ayung River and Telaga Waja River are the best examples of place that can satisfy those who are seeking for fun activity. Interested? But, before you book the package, you must know the answer to this question. White water rafting bali whats to wear ? below are 4 Tips to Choose the Best Clothes to Wear for White Water Rafting in Bali.

White water rafting Bali whats to wear

1. Shirt and Shorts

You are going to try a physical and active activity. So, wear something comfortable for that activity. A shirt and short pants are the best options here. This will help you to move easier as well as control your movement and balance when you ride the raft. Moreover, it’s not only comfortable. Wearing this kind of clothes will also help you to avoid injury or accident. Plus, if you accidentally fall into the river, you can easily swim to the land.

2. The Materials

The next thing you need to consider for White water rafting bali whats to wear option is the material. You are going to play in the water. Therefore, choose the correct material for this activity. The material that you need here is the one that dries really fast. Why?

First of all, remember that the location of the white water rafting in Bali mostly is located in the highland or near the mountain. The temperature at those locations is much lower than the beaches or downtown. The material can help you to avoid many problems regarding this condition.

White water rafting bali whats to wear

After you have fun in the water, your clothes will get wet by the water as well as your sweat. If it can’t dry faster, your body will have a problem to normalize its temperature. You may get cold and in the worst case, hypothermia. The correct White water rafting bali whats to wear option will help you to avoid this dangerous condition.

Moreover, the clothes that dry fast also helps you to reduce your fatigue. So, after you have fun rafting, you will still have the energy to do other fun things. Or, you also can use your energy to enjoy the delicacy provided by the tour company that you use.

3. The Footwear

Wear comfortable footwear that is suitable for outdoor activity like rafting. Sport shoes or river sandals are the best White water rafting bali whats to wear option. The sports shoes or river sandals help you to move easily in the area near the river. Or, if you fall into the river, this kind of footwear also can help you to move by walking and it protect you from rock or any sharp object in the river.

4. The Eyewear

How about those who wear eyeglass or contact lenses? Actually, you can still wear it. But, you need to choose the correct eyeglasses that match the activity. For that reason, you can try to use sports eyeglasses. This kind of eyeglasses is the best choice to wear.

Usually, sports eyeglasses have a special design with straps. This design won’t make it easily fall or taken off from you because of active movement like running, jumping, and of course, when you move around while rafting in Bali. Or, you can choose contact lenses for the simplest solution.


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